wand malen ideen

wand malen ideen

today instead of being in my usual place, i'm in the office. here i spend hours working and look how boring it is. spring has come and not notice anything. so today i'm going to do a video to decorate this wall i have behind. notice that difference, now you have much more life, huh? we've done the inspiration board, we have set up a mat on the computer, we have made little boxes with pots, and fijaros what we have been cool letters of grass. anyway, today i collaborate with other youtuber, with alvaro kruse. i do not know if you know but i recommend the canal.

and today the two did decoration spring. let's see alvaro: hello isabel subscribers, my name is alvaro and my channel have made a video diy decoration and it's super easy, i think no more than 4 or 5 €, is out there. it is very cheapie and extremely easy because i'm not very skilled but i manage. in my channel and my video which you have here in the information box, i've done about 4 or 5 extremely easy decorations as i have already said to decorate your room in spring. i hope i really pay at least one visit and you to see what i can do. so without further ado i hope to see you there

and no more command you hook up a huge both you besazo isabel to collaborate with me, as to all subscribers. bye i recommend that you go and you see that video has been great every thing he has done. well we'll start to see these things. for many decorations i used this artificial grass. it is an herb that i've bought but have leroy merlin elsewhere. also it exists in how the fix iron or other materials. well then let's start with the letters. the letters in which we put our logo ideas2s, you know that is the logo of all our channels.

the first thing we have done is to print the phrase we want and now to see that all letters can be done only with the d why we made the big d and from d let's do all others. you can print each of the letters and pass it on to the grass. it is important that the grass is not very good quality because you have to cut it. then it short, that's not too high and further and say that is not very thick. then with a pen letter we had our grass. the part went through the grass because the back is not the pen, is very black. now we make the center circle.

then let's do it, i'll do with pen and you see how it looks very bad. but for me that's worth. this part you can cut or with a cutter or in my case i took a small tijerita. and as i said the grass is not very good because i work. and as i'm cutting in all directions because it despelucha a little, so take a little hairs before continuing work. for now i'm going to do with the stick of d then i will e with d center in order that you see only with a letter for me it all. well now i put my not even what i'm going to paint, i put a little aside,

short what is the width and then round it ends. because this way i'm doing the letters i want. the truth is that they are super funny. you see? as the center of the d or e now and so i'm doing all the letters. to make it i notice the phrase that was printed huh? to see a bit where they go is the aes, etc. it is a very simple craft and looks great on the wall especially at this time. then once you are finished to put on the wall we will use double-sided tape. cris help me. you know that cris is my perfect helper. well we will be putting all the letters and end of the video we are going to decorate. but we are super cool.

come up with the next decoration. it is an inspiration board. and what is that? there is more than a place where i'm posting pictures, or putting messages or phrases that inspire me and they help me move forward. well then to do fijaros i will recycle the back of the typical picture frames you know what i say? well i broke the glass and had this cardboard. well i'll paint with white paint chalk chalk paint. and i'll give several layers and do not believe that a has been enough, i think in the end gives you 3 once everything is painted, what i do is decorate it. i'll decorate spring. i can decorate it with elastic dough, artificial flowers, i will choose to paint.

in this case i am painting with acrylic paint, no need to paint chalk it because i will not write over the green. i will write only where it is white. if i want to write and do not want to stick things. well, once it is painted, what i'll do is put a band around. that lame some washi tape that you know that sticks and removed phenomenal and so i paint the sides and the top part because if it is not very white and does not look good on the wall. now i'll make some ladybugs because i'll also put some ladybugs. and these ladybugs going to do with pliable dough. i have only to put ladybirds, make plump,

espachurrar it round a bit so they are flat bottom and then i'll paint when dry with black permanent marker. i am going to do very simple. i put a line in the center and then a few points on the sides. i also paint what is head and then i'll head off hitting eyes, those eyes that move, little children. well so we have been. we will now place ladybugs and artificial flowers on our table. i cut back the flower part. it was a flower which came as a ramito and i'll beat you, once it's dry grass in my painting, my inspiration board.

and i'll put ladybirds. play a little to see where i put if up, down ... do not know, aside the other where each one you like best. you see? on the outside of the grass, you not have to play. well in the end i'll put the two on top of each other and i'll put other flowers on the bottom of the grass and good i slowly decorating. in this part of what you can do is also elastic mass, make a container to leave chalks. you see? you make him a hole in the center

and now there you can put chalks that you will be putting it to your inspirational phrases or .. also it is used instead of as inspiration borad as memo board. i can only put the name of what he had decided, i put it first in pencil and then with pen. well we already with the third idea, it is an idea to make small boxes-shelf to be put on the wall with plants. we can use shoe boxes or any box. i will use these boxes of wine because they are a little stronger. so the first thing i do is paint the box by the side.

i'm going to paint with yellow acrylic paint. you could not have also used you paint chalk tupe more. it is easier thick because that color give this box was so dark that i will touch to several layers. the inside can paint or, as in my case, i'll put some paper. this paper is a wallpaper that mimics as gotelã©, but we can use any paper. i have this because i want to be white. once the liner as what i have to do it is put around on the inside as well as artificial turf.

and i say here you can use any kind of perfectly green paper, huh? but the lawn gives a very funny twist. to be good, do not do them often, but go cutting and pasting each of the 4 sides because that will be the corners better. i made two types of boxes, in the second i've put a shelf to put smaller plants and that does not seem to have much left hollow above. to make the shelf (you can measure to see if you fit or not to double) in my case i do not fit because this cactus mickey ears guy who did buy me cris is very high then putting the lawn does not come.

well the idea is you cut a piece of cardboard, fold the tabs, paste and now covered with our lawn, ie very sencillito. to hang the boxes on the wall i'll give you a trick i use clips. you see? i fold the clip and you're done, as if it were a then what i do is put hot glue or hot glue, it's the same, i put in a corner hit the clip and then folded again put silicone over. and so it is fixed and already then i can hang on the wall perfectly. well, it's time to go decorating, as i will help cris before. you see? i love how is that box with the seedlings.

they are some plants that do not give much war. and fijaros, i also put a rug over the computer and cris puts flowers. i'll have to also make a good mouse for that to not scratch me then. hey? we also decorate the letters. and all that remains is to register the inspirational phrase that in my case will be reach one million subscribers in 2016 i know it's difficult but the challenges have to be high. well i hope you liked the video and as said earlier, do not forget to pass for alvaro video

he has been super cool, do not miss it. we see in the next tutorial.